5 reasons shampoo & conditioner bars just make sense

5 reasons shampoo & conditioner bars just make sense

5 reasons shampoo & conditioner bars just make sense

There are so many reasons to love shampoo and conditioner bars- from environmental and sustainability perks, to improved hair health, and travel convenience. Here are our top 5 reasons that sustainable hair care *just* makes sense~

No.1 healthier, nourished hair

More active ingredients are applied directly to your hair and scalp~

Without the water content that liquid shampoos require, shampoo bars are able to contain more nourishing, concentrated ingredients that aren't watered down. This is why many find that their hair feels better than ever from our shampoo and conditioner bars.

No.2. saving (on) water

Liquid shampoo and conditioner means paying for a product that is mostly water~

Liquid hair care products are ~80% water, which is not only an unnecessary cost, but creates higher emissions and resources wasted in the production process. Shampoo and conditioner bars are lighter yet contain only the ingredients that *actually* do something, making them more cost effective and efficient.

No.3 reducing plastic waste

Shampoo and conditioner bars have minimal, plastic free packaging (ours even grows wildflowers)~

This helps cut down on unnecessary waste, saving our oceans and soils from added micro-plastics and toxic leaching. Studies have shown that only 20% of people recycle packaging from bathroom products. Even if 100% of people recycled bathroom product packaging, only a small fraction actually gets recycled, leading to most plastic packaging heading straight for the landfill.

 No.4 ease of travel

Shampoo and conditioner bars are travel friendly without having to squeeze liquids into a TSA approved bottle~

Shampoo bars can double as body soap and our biodegradable ingredients are safe to use anywhere, even outdoors, making them perfect for backpacking, road trips, and plane trips!

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