the 5 most common shampoo bar mistakes

the 5 most common shampoo bar mistakes

the 5 most common shampoo bar mistakes
Shampoo bars are so easy to use, but there are a few trick to getting the most out of them! Here are the 5 most common shampoo bar mistakes~

1. not letting the bar dry in between washes

shampoo bars do best when they're kept on an absorbent or draining soap dish, like our biodegradable soap case

2. using too much at once

a little goes a LONG way- try using only 3 circular swipes of the bar on your wet scalp in the shower & then adding water to lather

3. using the wrong bar for your hair or scalp type

since we have 5 different shampoo bar formulas, it can be hard to know which is right for you. We're just an email away if you'd like guidance (or try a sample set)!


4. not using them to travel

if you're still traveling with liquid shampoo & conditioner, you're making life harder for yourself. a shampoo & conditioner bar in our biodegradable soap case is a mess-free dream through TSA

5. using a bar with the wrong pH

all of our bars are pH balanced to the perfect level for your hair, but many other shampoo bars are too high of a pH which makes make the hair feel dry, residue-y, and tangled
If you're guilty of any of these mistakes, we don't blame you! We're here to guide you <3