The Daily Bundle

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Keep it simple with the Daily Bundle~ the necessities for your daily sustainable shower routine.

Ideal for travel, college dorm life, or your shower at home, the Daily Bundle has the basics that you need to achieve clean, healthy hair, and extend the life of your shampoo and conditioner bars by keeping them dry and protected.

Choose your hair's ideal shampoo bar type and your favorite scent to customize the experience to your preferences.

What's Included:

 2 Biodegradable Soap Cases made from wheat straw- one in the color Coconut and one in the color Kiwi to keep your shampoo and conditioner separate

 your choice in shampoo bar based on your hair's needs

 a Silk Conditioner Bar

 perfect for TSA-approved travel

 cases can be used with the lid attached or flipped over to become a draining soap stand